Dana Massive was conceptualized in 2013. Over time, it has become the moniker of Ralph Miro. Hailing from Portland, ME, coming to fruition in the winter of 2014, their music is energetic and intense, influenced by a plethora of genres and artists, with an eclectic mixture of indie, pop, rock, and contemporary piano. In 2016, Dana Massive released their first music video, followed by their debut full-length album “Waiting To Ignite” in the Spring. It was a very momentous year for the performer, with a two month long national tour in the Summer. Since the tour, they have released a single in July 2017 called “Love is a Magnet” that will be on their upcoming sophomore album they have been working on, due on October 31st, 2017. It will be available through multiple distributors, local and digital. Be on the look out for new live videos from the album.

Dana Massive Tour